Bill Poulos: My Son, Award-Winning Songwriter Greg Poulos, Lifts Spirits with His Free Coronavirus Quarantine Concerts

As the amount of people infected with coronavirus continues to grow, the social distancing and quarantine restrictions continue. Seeing the need for original and fun entertainment, Greg Poulos (my son) has started hosting free Facebook Live Quarantine Concerts to entertain his community and share his joy of live music. I’m a proud dad!

Profits Run co-founder, Greg Poulos, has started hosting free, weekly Facebook Live Quarantine Concerts

The upcoming concert is scheduled to be held on May 5th, 3–4 pm EDT, and will be hosted on Facebook Live for free. This isn’t Poulos’ first Facebook Live concert. He’s held several in the past — all with the hope of lifting spirits and giving people an alternative to their normal evening routines.

Greg Poulos’ first Facebook Live Quarantine Concert

Poulos said, “I love holding these concerts. Because they’re live, people are encouraged to gather, chat, and take a moment out of their day to just enjoy some music. It’s a great way to get forget about being homebound, take a break from homeschooling, or have some background music while working from home. It’s also a reminder that no one is alone — we’re all in this together.”

With coronavirus continuing to spread, Poulos has also helped fellow musicians host online concerts of their own. By using his background in marketing and technology, he’s been able to share special techniques and strategies to encourage attendance and help musicians maintain their income despite the closure of many music venues.

Poulos has been a musician nearly his entire life. At age seven, he began studying the piano, and started writing original songs a few years later. In 1987 he finally picked up the guitar, which is where his passions lie today. In his long musical career, he’s also been a founding member of several blues and bluegrass bands including Miles Out, Whiskey & Rye, Poulos Fuerst Overdrive, and Catfish Gracie. Greg shared, “I really enjoy performing again after a long hiatus away from the real stage.”

Outside of music, Greg Poulos has a successful financial and investment career. He co-founded Profits Run with his father, Bill Poulos (that’s me) to help people make better investments and grow their portfolios. He’s worked for several dot-com startups in the 1990s and helped develop early versions of websites for the Big Three automotive companies and their suppliers. At Profits Run, Poulos is responsible for managing operations, marketing, and strategic direction. Profit’s Run has already helped over 100,000 people in over 150 different countries and is still helping.

Proud Dad,
Bill Poulos